Crosscut Farm and Orchard

1209 Farmer Road, Julian, CA 92036

U-Pick information Fall of 2021

Welcome to Crosscut Farm and Orchard!
 Nestled in the beautiful mountain town of Julian, California!
This is the third season for U-Pick at Crosscut Farm and Orchard.  We are truly a mom-and-pop operation!
As a family friendly farm, we hope to make your experience fun and enjoyable.


Apple Variety Available:

     There are 350 mature trees and 350 young trees, for a total of 700 apple trees.
3 primary types of apples on the property:
Golden Delicious apples are sweet, mostly green with a red blush, Jonathon are sweet but are a little more tart, mostly red with green highlights, Liberty apples are dark red with yellow flesh, sweet like a McIntosh but a little tarter.
Organic practices used. We do not spray our trees! 

Please note that there are two Farmer Roads! 
You want to take the easternmost Farmer Road that leads to the Volcan Mountain Trailhead,
NOT the Farmer Road that leads to Volcan Mountain Winery and Menghini Winery.


Parking is on site. 
Travel down the lane that is designated as a trail for Volcan Mountain.
Come through the metal gate near the farmhouse on the right, and follow signs to the parking area.


 We are located on a 7  1/2 acre apple farm just below Volcan Mountain on Farmer Road. Come enjoy the beautiful mountain valley setting across from Volcan Mountain Winery and Menghini Winery!

1209 Farmer Road
Julian, CA 92036

Crosscut Farm and Orchard map directions.png

September 11-19, 2021

Reservation Times:

10:00 am - 12:00 pm, 1:00 - 3:00 pm, 3:00 - 5:00 pm
Reservations are required for U pick and the cider making demonstration

Group u-pick details:
$5 per person entrance fee 
$2 per person entry fee for kids age 3-12)
no entrance fee for kids under 3 years old
Fee includes an apple cider pressing demonstration,
a short introduction to Apple Farming,
parking, and picnic site!

$15 Per ½ peck bag (approximately 7-8 lbs)

10 person group minimum
50 person group maximum


Reservations are required!

 Call Sue at 605-430-9791 for reservations

We accept cash, credit card, and Venmo

     Sue’s arts and craft shop will have handmade fabric art items for purchase!